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Potential Risk That Cause Cancer in the Body

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that are causing death worldwide, despite technology or any kind of treatment this disease to prove to be difficult to stump out. The following are the potential risk that causes cancer and how to avoid them this include.

There is the risk factor of infection. The infection can raise the risk of having cancer in your body such as the parasite, these parasites are the viruses and bacteria roundup lawsuit. There are infections such as the HIV/Aids that lead to the suppression of the immune system in the body.

There is the potential risk of immunosuppression. The immunosuppression is the reduction of the activities of the immune system in the body, this may occur due to certain treatments or induced to help in treatments roundup lawsuit.

There is a threat risk of reproductive hormones. There is research that shows that a long exposure of the female hormones in high doses can lead to breast and endometrial cancer.

There is the risk factor of inflammation. The inflammation is the process of repairing the injured tissue in the body and this is a natural response of the body that reacts once an injury is detected that stops until healing occurs.

There is the risk factor of sunlight. The artificial sources are the nail drying lamps, sun lamps or tanning beds. The UV light is dangerous to the skin of the human for it leads to skin cancer diseases roundup lawsuit.

There is a threat factor of carcinogens. There are carcinogens that are hard to protect oneself from the as the natural environment like the air soil and water roundup lawsuit. The area that you stay need to be free from contamination especially the industrial area that has asbestos dust or arsenic found in running water can cause cancer.

There is a potential risk of obesity. There are health risks that are associated with obesity such as the respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer that leads to more risks factors.

There is the potential risk of choice of diet. You need to watch out what you eat for it has a big effect on increasing or decreasing the chances of having cancer roundup lawsuit.

Moreover, alcohol and tobacco is also a great risk factor that leads to cancer in the body.


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